Lead Generation:

"Matzpen" specializes in locating potential prospects around the world, to create business relationships                                               and sales upon your demands.

Targeting your target audience to a specific product, software, or service will save your advertising or search budgets.                        We will provide multiple leads with descriptions and contact details.

This service benefits all industries, including high-tech companies and other verticals.

Business Development & Sales:

Identifying opportunities and developing strategies and various partnerships with entities around the world.                                       This service helps entrepreneurs, companies and business owners position themselves in the global market                                             to develop and conquer new goals and increase sale.

We also offer language-speaking salespeople to get in touch with potential customers or new leads.

Information Services:

"Matzpen" specializes in locating information regarding organizations, companies, institutions and individuals.                                         

By using sophisticated OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) techniques, we will locate and collect information for you                          from a variety of sources on diverse topics, using unique tools and search methodologies that we have developed                            over the years.

The information received will give you an edge, and its analysis will support your business decision-making process.